Reports from Successive Attendees
TMT18 Winter Program
Dr. Shankar Laudari from Nepal Dr. Shankar Laudari from Nepal

TMT Winter Programme 2018 was one of the best training programme on intervention.I was really impressed by the CTO lectures,live demonstrations and trouble shooting.I am very thankful to Prof Muramatsu and his team who were always ready to help us and make us understand the things better.It was a great breakthrough in my intervention carrier of learning and doing new things.I was surprised to see how even the complex PCI cases were sorted out and completed in simple ways with proper understanding of the nature of lesions and correct selection of the hardwares.My stay during the program along with food was so fantastic.Thanks to Yukiko who was always helping n guiding us with bright smile.I want to thank all the TMT family along with organizer.My special regards to Prof Muramatsu who led the platform for many interventionists in the world to gather and share their ideas along with case discussions.I would like to wish TMT programme to run for years n years benefitting the young interventions with excellent exposures.

Dr. Bang Pham from Viet Nam Dr. Bang Pham from Viet Nam

I was very lucky when I was a member of TMT Winter Program 2018, a interesting program which I have not attended.It is better if TMT program was organized more than once a year.I hope that I can continue to attend the TMT program in the future.Thank you for all of you!

Dr. Juan Carlos Taboada from Panama Dr. Juan Carlos Taboada from Panama

It is a great course, excellently organized by Dr. Muramatsu, other renowned interventional cardiologists from Japan and Yukiko. Where a wide use of techniques and devices ranging from the routine to the highest complexity is reviewed, which greatly improved my daily practice. Thanks to the whole team for the experience and the learning.

Dr. Ashique Ali from Pakistan Dr. Ashique Ali from Pakistan

TMT PCI Institute course in Tokyo is an excellent course for the young interventional cardiologists who are embarking upon their career in interventional cardiology. Through this crash course, early interventional cardiologists enhance both of basic and advanced interventional skills. The beauty of this course is that one interacts with experts of interventional cardiologists like, Dr.Toshiya Muramatsu, Dr. Gaku Nakazawa, Dr. Yamaguchi. It is entirely organised program that starts with lectures on imaging(OCT/IVUS) and CTO PCI and then hands on vessel models. I liked to visiting cath labs. It was exciting to discuss, plan and observe the CTO cases. Each member of the TMT was superb in helping. All the aspects of training were splendid. It is an worth doing course as beginner in CTO PCI. I learnt about the emerging techniques, Japanese style of catheters, wires and troubleshooting in CTO PCI. Peripheral intervention through ultrasound guidance without the use of contrast was altogether new for me. According to the staff, Tokyo General Hospital is the hub for CTO PCI because of Dr. Muramatsu. No doubt, his magical wire manipulation turns CTO PCI into routine simple PCI. During my training period, 2nd Live demonstration was held in which I and other candidates in this training course was given opportunity to discuss the live cases and give our opinions. This is how you gain confidence. Above all, this training course provided me the opportunity to intermingle with Japanese culture and their hospitality. Japanese are meek and polite and I loved the way they salute and respect each other. It gave me chance to meet beautiful people from other countries. I am very much thankful to Yukiko. She is disciplined to organise such an awesome training course. She took care of my Halal food. Finally, I thank to TMT( Dr. Muramatsu) of PCI for providing such an excellent opportunity.

Dr. Gabriel Dodo Büchler from Brazil Dr. Gabriel Dodo Büchler from Brazil

TMT provided excellent workshops com CTO’s and Complex Interventions by combining lectures, hands on (at Terumo Pranex) and live cases. On top of everything it is a spectacular organisation that ensure a very pleasant stay and a amazing group of friends from all over the world that it is formed. My personal experience was great!

TMT APAC Program 2018
Dr.Sarawoot and Dr. Sukhum were very impressed with TMT Program.

They said that everything was set up perfectly such as Agenda , Topics of the program
Accommodation, Transportation.
The TMT program run smoothly , good arrangement of program.

Dr.Sarawoot said that he was interested in topics of program such as

- CTO lecture ( Speaker : Dr.Toshiya Muramatsu )
- Trouble Shooting ( Speaker : Dr.Toshiya Muramatsu )
- Case observation and everyone can share experience.

Dr.Sukhum said that he was interested in topics of program such as

- CTO lecture ( Speaker : Dr.Toshiya Muramatsu )
- Plaque Vulnerability and Neoatherosclerosis in Optical Coherence Tomography
( Speaker : Dr.Hideo Amano )
- Trouble Shooting ( Speaker : Dr.Toshiya Muramatsu )
- Case Sharing Presentation by participants.

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TMT17 Winter Program
Dr. Vo Anh Minh from Vietnam Dr. Vo Anh Minh from Vietnam

I'm very happy when I was a member of TMT17 Winter Program. I understood that: we try to make new method, better approach, fix issues... ( Imaging guided PCI, CTO - Strategy, Manage Compication... ) that aim to get a better outcome for patients. But I also beleive that training for young generation is another way to improve patient's outcome. Hope I can learn more from all of you in future.

Dr. Samir Gautam from Nepal Dr. Samir Gautam from Nepal

I participated in TMT winter program 2017 November 13-16. It was great learning experience for me.Lectures and discussions were very informative and useful for day to day practice of intervention cardiology. Live demonstration were very very good. We had the opportunity for full interaction every time. Every member of TMT were ready to discuss and share knowledge with very familial environment. Such learning experience was very encouraging for me. We were honored to participate in TGH Live 2017 Program with opportunity to interact and learn from Intervention cardiologists from Tokyo. I could learn how complex procedures look simple with experience and skill and how to tackle complications with ease. I had also opportunity to meet friends from different parts of the world, learn about them, their working way and share experiences. Delicious foods and excellent hospitality added to the excellent program to make this one of my best learning experience ever.

Dr. Mahmoud Sabbah from Egypt Dr. Mahmoud Sabbah from Egypt

Very happy being with you in Tokyo general Hospital TMT course and TGH live-demonstration.
I would like to express my warm respectable feeling for you and all your organizing team for this very useful training course

Dr. Shunming ZHU from China Dr. Shunming ZHU from China

For me, TMT is the best training program I've ever experienced. I learned so much from the lectures and got some answers, which I’ve been looking for a long time, from Japanese experts. Case report presentation also allowed me to share opinions with doctors worldwide. I was so impressed to see how world class operator performing procedures in detail. Finally, the arrangement was perfect and I enjoyed the Japaneae food and culture.I wish the TMT course will become better and better in the future.

Dr. Bunyod Karimov Khabibullaevich from Uzbekistan Dr. Bunyod Karimov Khabibullaevich from Uzbekistan

For sure, modern knowledge in medicine achieved from leading country institutions will play a crucial role in the future career growth of any local medical personnel.This program gave me a chance to improve my experience, share knowledge; get acquainted with highly esteemed professors, professionals, advanced technology and achievements about interventional cardiology in Tokyo General Hospital. Certainly, after my return with enriched experiences, I will be happy to share my knowledge at my hospital in Uzbekistan with my colleagues. TMT was one of the best experience in my life! Thanks for all organizers and my groupmates for sharing experiences!

Dr. Franklyn Agustin Colon Arias from Dominican Dr. Franklyn Agustin Colon Arias from Dominican

The TMT winter course was an unforgettable experience in which the participants interact had the opportunity to discus high quality topics in interventional cardiology, live cases and great conferences with interventional cardiologist from all around the world. The course was very well organizated. I totally recommend it.
It will be an experience that will remind you all your life.Thank you to the General Hospital of Tokyo, Dr. Muramatzu and all staff for the opportunity.!

Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah from Bangladesh Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah from Bangladesh

I am very humble and grateful to Dr. Muramatsu and team TMT to give a chance to attained in winter program 2017.
It is very inspiring and helpful in my practical and learning field of coronary intervention.
Till now I feel cooperative and helping attitude of not only Muramatsu and team TMT,
but also all japanee leading to very near to my heart.

Dr. Chi Pan Chan from Hong Kong Dr. Chi Pan Chan from Hong Kong

The TMT winter course is extremely useful for cardiologist who would like to learn coronary intervention.
The course covers different aspects of coronary intervention from basic to advance.
The teachers are experienced with advanced skills in PCI.
It is a very fruitful experience to learn and discuss with them during the live demonstration.
I would higher recommend this course to my colleagues without hesitancy.

Dr. Piero Custodio from Peru Dr. Piero Custodio from Peru

"It is an excellent course, which gave me a great experience on complex percutaneous coronary intervention, mainly regarding chronic total occlusions, use of IVUS and management of complications.
The colleagues shared their experience with great pleasure, and it was very interesting to discuss edited and live clinical cases with colleagues from around the world.
It was very valuable to know their technology, their discipline, their culture and their way of working. The course helped me a lot, and I took many lessons for my daily practice.
The organization was excellent, and they made us feel very good at all times.
This was the best course I have attended as an interventional cardiologist in training and I highly recommend it."

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TMT×GOOD MAN Workshop in September, 2017

Over the course of three days in September, from the 12th to the 14th,
5 Chinese doctors were invited to take part in a workshop at Tokyo Genaral Hospital.
During the mornings, the participants gave Case Reports, as well as attending lectures on IVUS & OFDI-guided PCI procedures and Complex Cases.

During the afternoons, we followed cases of PCI procedures.

Below are some comments from the participants;
- I was able to observe close hand the doctors’ procedure and was impressed by their skills.
- I was able to observe the PCI procedure practiced in Japan and benefitted from the experience.
- I benefitted from the lecture on response measures in relation to complications.
- I felt the good teamwork created by the trust the team of doctors had in each other.

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ACT Program in Korea
Dr. Takayuki Yabe from Japan Dr. Takayuki Yabe from Japan

I participated in ACT program at Asan Medical Center in Korea during Feb 13, 2017’to 16.
I discussed the strategy and indication of vascular intervention based on the result of the large-scale studies.
In addition, I observed intervention therapy for complex lesion livetransmission from cathe. labo.
I had a great time to learn many things because of many staffs who had kindness and eagerness.
I really appreciated to Prof Park and any other stuff.

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Dr. Misael Alejandro Medina Servin from Mexico Dr. Misael Alejandro Medina Servin from Mexico

Dr. Misael Alejandro Medina Servin from Mexico
It was an excellent experience in a personal and professional level.
Lectures and PCI were outstanding and everybody was always so kind. One of the best experience in my life.

Dr. Kam Jiyen from Malaysia Dr. Kam Jiyen from Malaysia

This course is second to none with regard to the training opportunity and learning in the field of complex PCI in Asia, if not the whole world!

Dr. Shawkat Salih Miro from Iraq Dr. Shawkat Salih Miro from Iraq

Overall it was a very nice experience and the program was very good.
Program was very well managed and organized by all the team.
The team was very kind.

Dr. Siska Suridanda Danny from Indonesia Dr. Siska Suridanda Danny from Indonesia

Great in-depth content of complex PCI procedure with excellent hands-on training in coronary models. Good knowledge & skill transfer.

Dr.Ruben Gustavo Lopez Aburto from Mexico Dr.Ruben Gustavo Lopez Aburto from Mexico

By far the better course an interventional cardiologist can have, live cases, demonstrations, the best treat.

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TMT14 Winter Program
Dr Arunkumar Panneerselvam from INDIA Dr.Arunkumar Panneerselvam from INDIA

TMT is a unique program with special emphasis on CTO. It is the best program to learn tips and tricks of complex CTO procedure in a short time. The approach to treatment and management of complications is also extensively dealt. The faculty members of TMT are extremely friendly, approachable and are always ready to clarify participants queries. Two important things i learnt for successful CTO PCI are patience and ability to change statregy as the case proceeds. The program also provides opportunity to network with young interventionists from different countries and learn from them too. Pranex is a great experience. Japanese culture and hospitality made us feel at home. I sincerely thank all faculty members at TMT for giving me the opportunity to being a part of this training program. My special gratitude and thanks to Dr Muramatsu, Dr Ito, Dr Ishimori, Dr Kobayashi and Dr Nakano as the things they taught will definitely impact and improve my interventional procedure.

Dr Sergei Luchaninov from RUSSIA Dr.Sergei Luchaninov from RUSSIA

It was a wonderful training course because of many reasons. It was a great opportunity to see with your own eyes and to learn how to perform PCIs from the world’s leading experts in the unique Japanese style. Everyone knows that the success of the operation depends on many details including the techniques, tactics and strategies. And It was that knowledge gladly shared by Japanese doctors. I felt free to ask any question and I got answers to many important topics. Case reports were also very interesting and were held in a very comfortable atmosphere. And of course Terumo Medical Pranex deserves some special words. I was really impressed by its simulator and artificial models. I never thought that the simulator could give about 80-85% of the real sensations. And also I had an opportunity to perform the treatment of many real complications using the artificial models. Therefore, this course is very useful for professionals of all levels and especially for beginners. My only wish is to make this program a little bit longer just to learn more about Japanese culture and traditions.

Dr Sirichai Cheewatanakornkul from THAILAND Dr.Sirichai Cheewatanakornkul from THAILAND

The TMT program is an excellence academic intensive PCI course. This course expand my knowledge and broden my horizons in a very warm atmosphere. I have learnt new techniques not only in PCI but also structural heart intervention (TAVI) and peripheral artery disease intervention. The most impressive and interesting cases for me are CTO cases. I have seen many hopeless CTO cases that were successfully opened by retrograde PCI technique from CTO masters. I would say this course is the most valuable training program that i have ever attended and i believe that this TMT course is the one that every interventionist who want to be a master in PCI should attend.

Dr Rodrigo Vugman Wainstein from BRAZIL Dr.Rodrigo Vugman Wainstein from BRAZIL

Excellent program.

Dr Cesar Antonio Ortis Zegarra from PERU Dr.Cesar Antonio Ortis Zegarra from PERU

I am very pleased with the course. I think it was an excellent course where we could learn about the experience and techniques used by the Japanese masters in the treatment of complex coronary lesions especially in chronic total occlusions. Besides the great deal that gave us the dynamic and interesting course selected cases to get the most benefit possible.

Dr Jorge Francisco Acuna Valerio from MEXICO Dr.Jorge Francisco Acuna Valerio from MEXICO

The program is highly recomendable; it´s very enriching because in few days it gives you an entire view of how you are doing in the cath lab, not only regarding to CTO. It´s pretty well organized.

Dr Bruno Stefani Lelis Silva from BRAZIL Dr.Bruno Stefani Lelis Silva from BRAZIL

The TMT 14 Winter Program was an amazing opportunity to learn new techniques with a very capable and friendly staff. It was a very intense and pleasant course where we could share experience with our colleagues from any parts of the world.

Dr Wassam El Din Hadad from EGYPT Dr.Wassam El Din Hadad from EGYPT

It was very fruitful meeting and I really respect Japanease persons

Dr Nozima Davronovna Buronova from UZBEKISTAN Dr.Nozima Davronovna Buronova from UZBEKISTAN

It was wonderful programm for us. I really enjoyed it.

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